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The Climate Emergency
The climate emergency is real and is affecting real people now. Scientists have been warning about climate change for 30 years and have largely been ignored. This cannot be ignored any longer.To find things we can all do either order my book, Living Gently by Rev Lin Fricker or go to

Moving On!
As we move from Government legislation to our choice over the things we do, it is important to remember that Covid 19 has not gone away, it is still out there and the number of people being infected is rising and we need to be careful not just to protect ourselves but to protect other people as well. So we must still be vigilant and think about what we are doing, We also need to be thinking of others not just ourselves.

Jesus told us to love out neighbour as ourselves that means in this case doiing all we can to minimise the risk of them carching covid 19 from us. It is not enough to say, ;I've had both my jabs so I'm safe'. it means thinking, 'I may have had both jabs, , but I can still carry the virus or I may have it without having symptoms and I do not want to risk giving it to someone nulnerable, so I am going to wear a mask if I fo to visit.'

Be careful when things open up, protect others and protect yourselves.

We will be inviting people to come and worshp with us as soon as we are allowed more than 6 in the home but we will continue to have an online service for those who have been joining us from different parts of the country and other countries for our online services we will continue to hold them.Our services are recorded on Facebook Live and Zoom and also put up on You Tube and everyone is welcome to join us there.

I am very concerned with the way things are going, the £20 extra for those on Universal Credit has been removed and the furlough scheme has ended and both at a time when prices are rising especially energy prices. I have thought of a way to help those who are struggling and for those who will struggle.

My idea is simple. I am calling on everyone who can do crafts to join with me in being willing to teach crafts to anyone interested, providing them with what is needed to get started - not hugely expensive things but for instance for those who want to learn to knit some knitting needles and wool, for those who want to learn to crochet, a hook and wool to get them started. Anything you would like to teach but cannot afford to provide the necessary items for people to get started please contact me. It will be up to each individual whether theyfeel happy teaching or learning in person, virtual meetings will always be available for those too far away or those not comfortable with meeting in person. It may even be a question of some meetings in person and some virtual.

I am also calling anyone who would like to learn a craft in order to make some money or just to make gifts to give away. The idea is for us to teach people crafts and even learn new ones ourselves if it is a craft we do not know and to form into a co-operative to share the costs and the profits from selling craft goods made from sustainably sourced, natural materials. Basically turning the old cottage industry on its head and instead of people being paid peanuts for working very hard, the group owning the craft work and selling it to share the profits earned. There will be no pressure on anyone to do more than they can manage but it will be taking ownership of the business.

I am prepared to send the items needed to get people started.

The idea I have is also a way of helping the environment and doing our bit to work for a green economy.

Please stay safe and may God bless you.