Services this week
Thursday Maundy Thursday Service at 8pm
Fridy Good Friday service at 11am
Easter Sunday celebration of Jesus rising from the grave.

The world seems to be broken almost it seems at times beyond repair! When Jesus was born, God's Kingdom broke through into our world and the end times began. The gospel warns of these times, the first thing that happened was that in AD 70, The Roman army sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the temple, which has not been rebuilt since. At the moment, we are seeing war in Ukraine, civil unrest in Afghanistan and Iran. There is war in Sudan causing difficulties to those trying to get humanitarian aid through. There is war between Palestine and Israel that comes and goes. Now we hear ofa group in Germany that are extreme right supremacists who have bought more and more land and call themselves the Kingdom of Germany, they have recruited people involved in disinformation and conspiracy theorists. We also have Haiti where the rule of government has broken down and gangs are in control. We have heard of communities that have disappeared under the sea as climate change has raised the levels of the sea. This has caused a loss of homes, livelihoods and even lives. At the same time, in some places farmers have lost crops and animals due to drought because of climate change and finally there have also been more wild fires that have destroyed wildlife, human life, homes and livelihoods! All due to climate change. we also have a hike in energy prices and a hike in the cost of living and in the UK, strikes.
We also have gun and knife crime that seems to be everywhere some of it due to drug gangs. So many issues both nationally and globally.